When procuring a new car, you should receive two keys – a main and a spare. Unfortunately, losing one of the keys happens much too often. It could fall off your pocket, be left at a cafe, be dropped into a storm drain or you could lose it some other way.

But having two keys is a must. If you’re missing one key, you should schedule a duplication right away. Why? We list the reasons below.

Saves Costs

If you lock yourself out of your car, not having a spare on hand can be a nightmare. Some people would attempt to jimmy the lock themselves with whatever tool they can find on hand, damaging the car door lock in the process and paying for costly repairs.

You can also call a locksmith to help you open the car without damaging anything, but compared to having a spare key programmed beforehand, a locksmith’s services can mean higher fees.

The lesson? Keep a spare key on hand. It costs much less to have a spare key cut or programmed today than it is to get your locked car opened by professionals.

Easier To Manage Between Two Drivers  

It is not uncommon for family members or couples to share a car between themselves. It saves money on fuel, maintenance expenses, and any future repairs.

Having only one key for two people increases the risk of misplacing the key. Did your partner put it back on the hook by the front door? Or maybe it’s in your gym bag, tossed into the dirty laundry. Who had it last? Your key could easily be lost or misplaced.

Ensuring that there are two sets of keys means each person is responsible for their key, knowing where they store it and making sure it doesn’t get lost. And if it does, it would be easy to get another key programmed.

Save Time

Locking yourself out of your car can be a frustrating experience, especially when you need to be someplace else. This mishap could lead to missed appointments and meetings and can significantly ruin your schedule. Figuring out what to do, who to call and where to go can take hours of your day. Not to mention, you’ll probably need to wait a couple more hours to get a replacement key.

Fast Cloning

Auto locksmiths can clone some car keys within minutes. This process is called cloning, which involves inserting the key into a cloning machine that can read the transponder data and duplicate it onto another key. And voila, you have a spare key in a matter of seconds.

However, losing all the keys is another story. Writing the transponders from scratch is significantly more expensive and will take much more time. Having your key cloned today will save you time and money.


In the unfortunate case that your car key is stolen, having a spare key could potentially save you from having the entire car seized. Thieves could track your vehicle using the stolen key, so having access to your automobile during this high-risk period will inevitably save you from this disaster occurring.

With your spare key on hand, you can safely transport your vehicle to an auto locksmith, where they will be able to cut a replacement key and hopefully deactivate the stolen key if it happens to be coded.

There are several reasons why having a spare key for your vehicle is a favourable option. It saves you time, money, and the mental pressure of having to keep a close watch on your only set of keys at all times. This pressure is not worth it. Plus, if you decide to sell your car, the prospective buyer will be more inclined to trust a seller selling a vehicle with two sets of working keys.

At Car Key Technician we service the Gold Coast and Brisbane area. Visit our shops and get your key duplicated today. Our services are fast, and we also specialise in complex vehicles such as European and luxury models.

If you do find yourself locked out of your car without a spare key, we can help with that too. With our mobile service, we can go to where you are.

If you need assistance with replacing a lost spare key, making a copy, or cutting a new set from scratch, why not give us a call? To enquire, feel free to get in touch with us right away!