Whenever you procure a new car, it will likely come with two sets of high-functioning keys. The traditionally designed vehicles usually come with a key system to insert into the car to start the ignition. 

However, incidents may occur that could result in the keys becoming damaged, succumbing to theft, or getting lost somewhere along the road. These sorts of incidences have resulted in an increased safety and security threat for car owners. Moreover, not having a spare key on hand that works at full capacity will inevitably make the car resale process close to impossible. People want to obtain a car with all systems functioning, including a spare key for convenience and security purposes. 

For this reason, and if it is available to you, we recommend procuring a car that comes with a chipped or transponder key. How does this type differentiate from a regular car key? 

A transponder key is highly durable due to the RFID (radio frequency identification) found inside the key.

This innovative system regarding car security has become an industry standard for vehicle manufacturers. The RFID chip contributes an extra layer of protection to your vehicle’s ignition. When inserting a key into the car’s ignition, the car’s immobiliser system verifies that the RFID is present and programmed to that specific vehicle. Hence, it will not respond to any other key that someone attempts to use, making this a great safeguard to combat car theft. 

Let us take a more in-depth look at why you should consider procuring a transponder key in the Gold Coast or Brisbane. 

Improved Functionality 

In addition to unmatched safety, transponder keys provide other added benefits, such as the ability to perform certain functions within a short distance. This includes unlocking or locking the doors of the car with the simple click of a button. 

The system also features an integrated coded security system that will activate when somebody attempts an unauthorised entry. Manufacturers produce each of these keys very carefully to coincide with the specific pairing car, making it impossible to replicate and, even more importantly, impossible to acquire without the corresponding transponder. 

The immobilisers also work in a variety of ways. For example, some immobilisers will not cause the engine to respond or make an audible cranking at all, while others will. However, it will not allow any fuel to be injected into the motor making so that the car will never start. Other immobilisers will even give the car starter a glimmer of hope by starting up for just a few seconds before shutting off just as quickly. 

Ease Of Use 

These kinds of keys are super simple to use in the day-to-day. The interface has been designed for exceptional user experience for the busy individual on the move – no wonder they have climbed their way to becoming an industry standard for the last decade of car models. 

All you have to do is push the button to unlock and start your vehicle as the car owner. 

Exceptional Levels Of Security 

Without the correlating transponder key, your vehicle is near impenetrable. Furthermore, with this new key to the vehicle access system, car theft crimes have severely decreased. Criminals are usually deterred from carrying out their crime if the car is trickier to access with the regular grab-and-go tools that thieves usually reach for upon planning a theft.

With all the valuable benefits of having a transponder key system for added security and accessibility, it is impossible to guarantee that it will always work perfectly. In any promised impenetrable system, chancers may manage to discover loopholes, which is why it is crucial to be sure that your key is working at optimum capacity. 

Reprogramming a transponder key in the Gold Coast or Brisbane is made easy and accessible with our mobile car key technician services. We come right to your doorstep, whether that be your place of work or your home. We will ensure that no matter the problem, we will fix it efficiently, ensuring that the key and the car are both sell-ready and fit to be put on the road. 

For further assistance or enquiries, feel free to drop us a line here with the year, make and model of your car: enquiry@carkeytechnician.com.au or Brisbane – 0448 905 563 or Gold Coast – 0400 966 201.